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John Waller TOTALLY Gets it!

Jul 21, 2011 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

It looks like “Christian” artist John Waller “gets it”. My wife ran across this video on facebook on a friends page after it was noted the bread on the table in the video was Challah bread. The song is titled, “As for me and my house” which is from Joshua 24:15.

“But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites,(EASTER!!) in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

Emphasis Mine

Notable lines in the song are:

We will cross over Jordan, we will claim what You’ve promised!

This makes a strong case that Mr. Waller understands that he in fact is Israel and grafted into the promise.

I’m done, with powerless religion.

Yup, the churches today don’t teach the law, they ignore the Torah on which ALL of the New Testament rest upon. Thus they are indeed powerless.

Anyway, I found the video interesting and thought you all might enjoy it!

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  • This is a great and powerful song, but I think you mislead your readers/bloggers when you associate this song and John’s life with following the Torah. This song is about putting aside idols, its about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, not spreading the following of the Torah. Don’t get me wrong, the entire bible is good and true. However, I believe your assumptions are wrong with respect to the two lines you pull out of the song to validate a movement toward Torah following; or the visuals in the video (breaking of bread). I for one wouldn’t want to put words in Mr Wallers mouth, I think his testimony speaks for itself; check it out and the video of him and his wife discussing the genesis of this song; http://www.johnwallermusic.com/about. His only comment regarding Israel is that he sees a parallel between his life and the wandering in the desert of the Israelites, that’s what prompted the crossing over Jordan line. The church he helped start in Colorado, Southlink Church, has a vision which more appropriately reflects John’s purpose (my opinion of course); their vision – “Southlink Church is a movement of Christ followers who exist to live and show the way of Jesus.” Now they get it! Its all about spreading the gospel and the love of Christ! Respectfully, In Christ, Mel

    • I think you misunderstand Jesus Christ/Yeshua. The old testament calls the Torah(law) “The Way, The Truth, and The Life” When Yeshua called himself “The Way, The Truth and The Life” he said, “I AM TORAH” He was the WORD(Torah) made flesh.
      If you are spreading the gospel of Yeshua without the Torah, then you have the wrong gospel my friend.

      It’s apparent that John and his family are having a Sabbath meal in the video. It’s also apparent that he’s sick of religion in the video.

      How many “church goers” today spend more time watching TV than reading their Bible? What about keeping up with their local sports team rather than reading their Bible? These things too are idols and need to be cast down. Not just the examples show in the video. So much of today’s church has no idea what it means to serve, truly serve their Master. The Master has rules and guidelines for the servant and they are contained within the Torah, the Word made flesh!
      Be Blessed!

  • Maybe I do misunderstand, and definitely open to correction, but my understanding is the WORD is more than just the TORAH, isn’t “all Scripture given by inspiration of God, and profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness”? “In the beginning was the WORD…” long before either testament was written, Jesus is all the WORD. We should never put the TORAH above the Messiah, the WORD; and I am not saying that New2Torah does, I’m just saying much of the TORAH related sites I’ve visited appear, appear to move away from the whole Gospel and focus on just a part of the WORD.

    I prefer to spread the whole WORD, the whole gospel…

    I am saying it is unfair to Mr Waller and his family to cast his video and song as supportive of the TORAH or the Sabbath simply because he says ‘crossing the Jordan’ in his fantastic and God-inspired song or is breaking bread in the video. Does the fact that the loaf resembles Challah necessarily mean he observes the Sabbath, you’re drawing a conclusion that cannot be supported. In fact, neither of us know; we should ask Mr. Waller before going further; and maybe you did before you posted the video. If so, I will humbly apologize to both of you.

    I absolutely agree with you regarding SOME ‘church goers’, and I know it is not your intent to lump us all together. I’ve been done with religion for many years, I learned long ago that it is powerless and weak since they promote their own ideals and doctrines ahead of Christ the Savior, Yeshua, our Messiah.

    We as followers of Christ should never put anything above Christ and His saving grace and I think that is the theme behind Mr. Waller’s song, and what I draw from his testimony.

    • Mel, When the verse you are referring to (all scripture given by inspiration…) is quoted, its talking about the law and the prophets. That is the only scripture that existed at that time. The prophets preached the law.

      Nobody here is putting Torah above Messiah. Messiah IS TORAH. Torah is Messiah. It’s impossible to put one above another. He fulfilled the Torah (not destroyed it) and gave us an example to follow, follow the law. The Word(Torah) became flesh when he showed mankind how to observe it and to throw off the traditions of the jews(rabbinical law)

      If someone says that they know Yeshua but does not follow the law, then they are liars(1 John2:4-6). Wallers video mentioning “claiming the promise” is straight from Moses and God giving his law. Simple as that. It seems to me Waller gets it by showing what cannot be mistaken as a Shabbat dinner and a turning away from religious establishment that claims the law is done away with, thus making it powerless and hopeless.

      I have seen a number of christian artists and now preachers allude to this and slowly push their fans and followers to the conclusion that the law was never done away with like the establishment has always maintained, at least since the time of Constantine. In these last days, he is calling his people back(Jer. 32:38 – Hos.2:23).

      I hope this explains my position and my opinion about the video.

  • I think Mel is right to question the movement in the church to emphasize parts of Jewish life which are based on Jewish tradition, and not on the Word, and also movements to overemphasize the Ten Commandments. There is nothing wrong with looking at established religion and rejecting the man made rules. The church has many faults.

    Jesus is more than the Word, He is the Redeemer, the Creator, our salvation, he bought and paid the price for our sins, He is the propitiation of those sins, and that is something the Law could not do, the Law could only condemn, it could not redeem or save, that is why Jesus had to come. He fulfilled the Law, erased the condemnation that came with the Law, and allowed for the Salvation of each soul, which the Law also could not do. So while I believe Jesus is the Messiah, I do not believe Torah is Messiah. I believe Jesus has the Torah and fulfilled it, and Torah is part of the Christian life; the hierarchy of the Church includes God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    That does not mean the Law is not significant. The Law also founded the nation of Israel, by separating that people from all the other nations of Bael worshipping pagans. The Law came from the hand of God, and allows us to know right from wrong.

    But the Law cannot ever replace or “trump” Jesus. Jesus is the Messiah.

    I hope this helps, God Bless

    • I hope this site does not send the message that Torah trumps Yeshua. I believe that Yeshua was Torah made flesh. That is what “Word” actually translates to. Throughout the OT I see where it says Torah is life, Torah is the way, Torah is truth. When he said I am the Way the Truth and the Life, he was saying that he was the Torah made flesh. I also would question ANY site that emphasizes Jewish law and traditions. The Sabbath, feast days, etc were/are not Jewish by any means. They were given to all of Israel and it says to be kept forever for all generations for native born and gentile alike.

      Because Yeshua kept Torah perfectly (fulfilled it), we are to strive to be like him and do likewise (1 John 2:4-6). When we fall short, Grace is there to cover us because of his sacrifice.

  • Forgive my ignorance, and please point me in the right direction; but I can find no such translation wherein “Word” translates to “Yeshua was Torah in the flesh”. I am quite familiar with John 1:1-14 where we find that Jesus (Yeshua) was and is the Word, from the beginning and the “Word” became flesh at His coming to earth – but “Word” here is logos and embodies every spoken and written word of God, His presence, His widsom, His power, that which spoke all of creation into existence – to me that is much more than just the Torah. So, it seems, to say that Torah became flesh in the first coming of our Savior, is only partially correct. When Yeshua said I am the Way, Truth and Life; He said much more than I am Torah. Don’t get me wrong, I am becoming more and more Torah Aware everyday, Torah IS vital to our understanding of the Word; but He said in that scripture that He is the path (the only Way), He is the Truth (the is only one truth), and He is Life (the fulness of life, one’s life cannot be full or complete without Him); again that entire scripture reflects He is the Word and embodies everything yesterday, today and forever, which includes the Torah, it is not limited by it.

    • Psalm 119:33 Way is the law
      119:142 Truth is the law
      Proverbs 13:13-14 Life is the law
      Proverbs 6:23 Light is the law
      I’m using KJV. I could provide more examples but you get the point I hope.

      You are aware of John 1-14, but are you aware of 2 Peter 3:5?
      “For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the WORD of God the heavens were of old(CREATED), and the earth standing out of the water and in the water.”
      “For by him [Jesus Christ] were all things created” (Colossians 1:16)
      So we agree he was the Word and the Word(Yeshua) was somehow part of the creation process.

      So he is the Word, but he said he was The Way, The Truth and The Life. There is no contradiction here because Word and Law are synonymous.
      So many times does Word actually translate to Torah in the Hebrew.
      Let me drive my point home to you Mel, Open your Bible and Read Psalms 119. EVERY SINGLE VERSE in the WHOLE chapter is referring to the law. Note how many times the words “Word”, “Truth”, “Way” and “Life” are used in that chapter.
      Nothing drives it home like reading Psalms 119.
      Yes my friend, Yeshua was the Torah/Word made flesh. He lived it perfectly in order that we may strive to follow the WHOLE law as well. When we fall, grace catches us.

  • It is Adonai who brings people to understanding. BARUCH HASEM ! 🙂

  • I have his new cd it is very pro torah, if you like this song you will love his entire album. The first song on the album talks about Yeshua and another song is the Mosiac blessing:)

  • Mel & Liv4God ~ you are right on in your comments. Thank you for speaking such awesome truth!

    Abiding in Christ!!

  • New2Torah, you are very wise in your words, I only wish I were as eloquent in speaking and getting my view across. We are seeing many Christians and believers in Yeshua turning back to being Torah observant. I believe this is because of the last days we are in. Christians, Messianic believers and Jews alike all need to embrace Yeshua (Jesus) and bring our beliefs together. Get back to basics, starting with Torah and of course the entire Bible. I was raised in the Messianic movement at a time where there were a handful of us…now HaShem (God) is opening eyes of more people than I could ever imagine to see the Blessings of being Torah observant and seeing the Bible through a Hebraic perspective….these are exciting times! John Waller’s song is beautiful and for anyone who does an Erev Shabbat dinner you know clearly that is what his video is depicting. What a beautiful song, brings tears to the eyes.

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