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44 New Testament Reasons To Obey Torah

Nov 30, 2011 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Christians to Keep Torah
(1)John said: sin IS violating Torah(1Jn 3:4)

(2)Paul said: Grace is no reason to continue violating Torah(Rom 6:1-2)

(3)Paul said: The Law is being enforced(Romans 3:31)

(4)Jesus/Yeshua said: DO NOT THINK…that my purpose for coming was to destroy the Law!(Mat 5:17)

(5)Jesus/Yeshua said: You will not receive The Holy Spirit if you do not follow Torah!(John 14:15-16)

(6)Paul said: Only the Spiritual mind can submit to Torah!(Rom 8:7-8)

(7)Jesus/Yeshua said: His COMMANDMENT is everlasting Life!(John 12:50)

(8)Jesus/Yeshua said: His Laws are summarized by 2: love God and love your neighbor(Mat 22:40) (Deut 6 and Lev. 19:18)

(9)Jesus/Yeshua said: Do EVERYTHING that is taught from Torah/Moses Seat/Bima Seat(Mat 23:1-3a)

(10)Paul said: People will ignore Torah and God’s righteousness to establish their own!(Rom 10:3)

(11)Jesus/Yeshua said: EVERYONE who DOES and TEACHES Torah, will be called GREAT!(Mat 5:19)

(12)Jesus/Yeshua said: If you ignore Torah to obey traditions, you don’t REALLY love Him!(Mark 7:6-7)

(13)John said: TRUE believers, not only “believe” in Jesus/Yeshua, but ALSO obey Torah!(Rev 14:12)

(14)Jesus/Yeshua said: We are supposed to LIVE BY Torah as God said in Deut 8:3!(Mat 4:4)

(15)Paul said: God WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU if you touch what is unclean*Lev 7:21*!(2 Cor 6:17-18)

(16)Paul said: KEEP the Jewish traditions!(2Thes 2:15)

(17)Jesus/Yeshua said: You Pharisees are hypocrites because you only obey PART!(Mat 23:23)

(18)Jesus/Yeshua said: Your WORKS must exceed the Pharisees!(Mat 5:20)

(19)John said: If a person DOES NOT OBEY TORAH, they ARE NOT His children!(1Jn 2:1-3)

(20)Jesus/Yeshua said: You CANNOT abide in His love UNLESS you obey Torah!(Jn 15:10)

(21)James said: DO NOT speak evil of the Law!(James 4:11)

(22)John said: We receive what we ask because we keep His Torah!(1Jn 3:22)

(23)John said: The Holy Spirit IS NOT IN US unless we obey Torah!(1Jn 3:24)

(24)John said: We do NOT love Him if we reject Torah!(1Jn 5:3a)

(25)John said: His Commandments are NOT a burden!(1Jn 5:3b)

(26)Paul said: IF we WORK righteousness, we will be accepted by God!(Acts 10:35)

(27)Paul said: I believe EVERYTHING written in Torah!(Acts 24:14)

(28)Paul said: I have NEVER taught against Torah!(Acts 28:17)

(29)Paul said: You are NOT justified by faith UNLESS you obey Torah!(Romans 2:13)

(30)Paul said: Obey Torah like Jesus/Yeshua did for He is our example to follow!(Rom 10:4)

(31)Paul said: You WILL NOT be crowned UNLESS you follow The Rules!(2 Tim 2:5)

(32)Paul said: The Law IS GOOD!(1 Tim 1:8)

(33)Paul said: We are to avoid becoming unclean!(Eph 5:3)

(34)Paul said: Don’t become separated from God by becoming unclean!(Eph 4:18)

(35)Paul said AGAIN: REMEMBER and keep the Jewish traditions!(1 Cor 11:2)

(36)Paul said: ONLY THE DOERS OF THE LAW will be “justified by Faith”!(Rom 2:13)

(37)Paul said: If you reject Torah and sin, you WILL perish!(Romans 2:12)

(38)Jesus/Yeshua said: Whoever obeys Torah are brothers and sisters!(Mat 12:50)

(39)Jesus/Yeshua said: What is written in Torah?(Luke 10:25-28)

(40)Paul said: Stephen was falsely accused of teaching against Torah!(Acts 6:11)

(41)Paul said: Let us keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread!(1 Cor 5:8)

(42)Jesus/Yeshua said: to the leprous man, go and offer sacrifice according to Torah!(Luke 5:14)

(43) says: long after Jesus/Yeshua ascended, the Gentiles went to the synagogues “on SATURDAY”.(Acts 13:42-44)

(44)***IF*** you ***DO*** His Commandments/Torah, you may have right to eternal Life(Rev 22:14)

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  • Numbers 29 and 37 are the same Scripture verse. One of them could be replaced by Galatians 3:24.

  • In Romans 6, Torah is not mentioned, unless you link it to sin. Sin is trangression of the law, so we are not to continue breaking the law, is that how you tie it in?

    (5)On John 14:15-16, the Scripture says “15If ye love me, keep my commandments.
    16And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;”
    While I think you COULD argue that this is an “if, then” proposition, it is not clearly phrased in that way. The if/then is if you love me, then keep my commandments, AND I will pray the Father. I don’t know if you could then conclude that this scripture is saying you WILL NOT receive the Holy Spirit without keeping the commandments. If you don’t keep the commandments, then you do not love Him, is how the condition would be. 16 Could come anyway, since it is a totally separate thought and sentence.

    (6) Again, you cannot necessarily say the opposite is true of what is stated here. What is definitely stated is that the carnal minded person cannot please God. Carnal minded is willfully sinful mind. Those not keeping some of Torah may only be ignorant, or not convinced yet to Torah, they may not be carnally minded.

    (15) Paul again, did not state what you say he did. This is what the scripture says:
    17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.
    18And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.
    Yah is giving specific instructions to touch not the unclean thing, but the entire chapter is about how to live, patient, obedient, not offending anyone, and while we know wallowing in sin wilfully is a hardened heart, Yah knows we cannot be 100% perfect in our obedience, and I don’t think we can say HE WILL NOT TOUCH YOU, I think that is too absolute. HE WILL touch us, as a matter of fact, HE WILL send His son to die for us. It’s that absolute negative type of thinking that Yashua’s death delivered us from. I’m not going to look at any of the other verses you’ve put here until you look at them again, and remove your interpretation of what that verse says. It is a fallacy of logic to assume the negative of the statement is true just because.


    • Mo, I think you are mistaking the intention of the verses being posted here. Just to clarify, I didn’t come up with the list but I agree with them.

      For example, I agree with what you say but think you are not getting the context.

      15) Paul is not saying that if you touch something unclean, then God will not accept you. He is using an example of someone who is living an immoral lifestyle away from the father, thus being unclean. Whether ignorance or willful, sin is sin. Either can be forgiven through repentance. I don’t think Paul was saying anything more than that.

      I agree with what you are saying above but I think once context is considered there really is not a problem. Same thing with (5) especially. There are many people who put on the Christian mask who really don’t love God. Once they are shown what sin is (breaking of the law/instructions) and refuse to repent and take on a new heart…its clear in scripture that their true love is in the flesh and things of this world. Not everyone comes around right away. Some take time. But the choice is theirs.

      If someone who understands torah (God’s instructions) and says, “I love God, but I really want that ham sandwich.”, and then eats it, then do they really love him? We all fail in the law and are prone to weakness but only He knows the heart and the things we chase after are either of Him or the world.

      I hope that helps.

  • My name is William. I created this list and agree with Z.

  • BTW, this list is up to 99 now so if you like, I could share the rest and you may add it to the current list.

    • William, I would be interested in seeing your 99 scripture list. Please post as a reply if you have time. Shalom

      • Hey Guys, Awesome stuff, brother William how can I get the list? you got a website?
        Thx and Shalom in Messiah from Australia

    • i’d be interested in seeing all reasons for keeping Go’ds commandmends ?
      keep up your good WORK 🙂
      Go’d bless!

    • William Hall — please do follow up with the list of 99 (or whatever number it’s at currently.)

      FYI Romans 2:13 is listed twice in the above list. The reasons are written differently but they mean the same thing, so I think the above list is really only 43 🙂

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