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Christmas Trees Not Babylonian??

Dec 14, 2011 by     29 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Pagan Christmas Tree
I have as of late received a bunch of comments claiming that the decoration of Christmas trees is not a Babylonian practice and instead was a custom invented in Germany in the middle ages. This is hogwash and so I will present some of the evidence to prove my point.

Starting off however, you must understand that if your heart is hardened, you will come up with every excuse and rationalization to prove the evidence wrong and justify your own actions. For those with the spirit to search out the truth, they will be the ones who benefit the most from this information.

So to begin, if anyone doubts the validity of the decorated fir trees being a Babylonian tradition, simply go to google and search for: “Babylonian Fertility Fir Trees” and read the overwhelming historical and literary references concerning the use of fir trees in ancient Babylon. Even pine cones during this time were set up as symbols of fertility.

Next consider the evidence of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. You have to understand that Isaiah and Jeremiah were almost contemporaries in their time. They existed only 100 years or less from each other. They warned their countrymen of the coming judgment that history tells us would end with captivity. Guess where the captivity would be for the southern part of the kingdom? Yup. Babylon!

Jeremiah 10:1-5 is directly referring to the Babylonian pagan practice of decorating a tree that has been cut down and set up as a symbol. What symbol? Well we know for a fact just by doing your previous research on google that people to the east of Jerusalem (Babylonians) used the fir tree as a symbol of fertility.

Then in Isaiah 14:7-8 we see in context its talking about the wraith of the LORD and once the wicked are laid down, even the FIR trees begin to rejoice! Why? It says because no longer are workman coming to cut them down. Its pretty simple for someone raised with a little deductive reasoning skills to see what is being talked about here are fir trees being cut down for pagan worship rituals. I went to public school and even I figured it out.

Babylonian Christmas Tree
Remember that both Isaiah and Jeremiah existed in Israel during almost the same time before the nation was taken into captivity by the king and armies of Babylon. Babylon already had influence over the people as the Bible says over and over again that their captivity was a result of the Israelites disobedience and their worship of idols made of wood/stone and for not keeping the Sabbatical years.

So in closing, there is plenty of Biblical evidence and tons more historical evidence that fir trees were cut and used in rituals concerning fertility in Babylon. It makes perfect sense actually. The fir tree is green all year round. If you wanted to make a symbol of fertility during a time when everything else growing around you is dead or dying, the fir tree would be an option. It’s really not that hard to wrap your head around that possibility. However, unlike Jehovah’s Witnesses who have figured that part out, christian denominations including cults like the JW’s still continue to ignore the feast days of the Lord that layout very simply how we are to worship and celebrate the Creator during the year.

Nowhere in the NT do we see any evidence of Christmas celebrations or Easter for that matter, from the disciples and Paul. They continually make reference to the Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles as laid out in the Torah in Lev. 23.

If you want to celebrate the Birth Of the Messiah, how about during the feast of Tabernacles (Sept./Oct.) when most Biblical scholars say is a more accurate time frame?

If you want to celebrate the Death and Resurrection of our Messiah, how about during Passover when Jesus/Yeshua said “Do this in remembrance of me.” instead of calling it Easter(Ishtar, Asteroth, Astarte) and filling the holiday with pagan practices also found in ancient Babylon and pagan Rome?

Its time we got back to Scripture and started reading from the FRONT OF THE BOOK before claiming to know and interpret the back of the book. When you read the beginning, the end makes a whole lot more sense.


Lev. 18:30 – Keep my requirements and do not follow any of the detestable customs(traditions) that were practiced before you came and do not defile yourselves with them. I am the LORD your God.

Mark 7:7-8 – And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men…


Pagan Christmas Tree

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  • Your approach to teaching others is quite blunt. The only way one can reach another person with bible truth is with kindness and love along with the accurate discernment of scripture. Remember… when making a first impression, people remember how you made them feel… not what you said. It’s just in our nature. Warm up to someone first and then teach, you get to the mind through the heart. Jesus taught this perfectly.

    With regard to what you said, I agree with you regarding the customs of Christmas and their originality. I was raised a Catholic but never agreed with what was taught because the church teachings are man made traditions for the most part. The church even admits to this without shame. The bible makes it clear that ‘traditions of men’ are NOT to be replaced with God’s principles and moral laws. I’m one of Jehovah’s witnesses now, have been for almost 20 years. With that said I have an earnest question for you regarding the Jewish faith that I have often wondered about.

    As a Christian, and more specifically JW’s, our belief is that Jesus WAS the promised Messiah our forefathers preached of (Abraham, Moses etc) and his sacrifice has allowed us to be in a good standing with God as long as we are obedient and repentent.

    My questions is this, why don’t Jews still sacrifice animals for atonement of sins? From a Christian standpoint, Jesus’s shed blood was to be poured once and for all time to redeem mankind from sin and death thus dissolving the need to continually sacrifice animals. If Jews don’t beleive in this, how do you make atonement for sins?


    • Thanks for your comment. First off let me say that I am not Jewish. Almost all of the people I know whom I worship and study with are also not Jewish. Jews are descendants of only one of the 12 tribes of Israel, the one called Judah. I am a believer in Jesus/Yeshua. Yeshua means “Yah’s Salvation” His full name was Yehoshua and translated into English would be Joshua and not Jesus as this was a greek mistranslation.

      You said and I quote:

      As a Christian, and more specifically JW’s, our belief is that Jesus WAS the promised Messiah our forefathers preached of (Abraham, Moses etc) and his sacrifice has allowed us to be in a good standing with God as long as we are obedient and repentant.

      Yeshua/Jesus was in fact that Messiah you speak of. But let me ask you, what is it you are to be obedient to as mentioned in your statement above? The Torah is the instructions God gave his people on how to love Him and our fellow man. The Torah is what we are to be obedient to. This is what Jesus taught but today’s Christian denominations have taught that the law (Torah) has been done away with. In fact, Jesus/Yeshua did not come to do away with the law, but to fulfill it and give us an example in which to follow. Keeping the feast days is part of that Torah. Lev. 23.

      He was our final sacrifice that was fulfilled during the feast of Passover. When he said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” he was talking about Passover and not the pagan festivals that most churches do today.

      I strongly encourage you to watch the video called “Identity Crisis” posted on the right side of the page for further clarification. I think you will enjoy it.

  • There is nothing wrong with your assertion that the Babylonians used fir trees as fertility symbols, and nothing wrong with your Jeremiah/Isaiah commands against them. You purposefully confuse the issue, however, when you state that displaying and decorating fir trees was a Babylonian custom and was not followed by the early Christians, but then say that such history disqualifies any other culture from also and separately introducing fir trees as a symbol for God as eternal. Since we don’t think that anyone used Christmas trees because it used to be a Babylonian symbol, but because it was a native, admittedly probably pagan, symbol for the same thing, it is pointless to refer to the modern use of them for Christmas as a residual Babylonian tradition.
    All of that being said, I have faith in God’s ability to use traditions, even originally pagan ones, to help us understand truth. You don’t have to share that faith.

    • Ok Sam. You stay with your Traditions…man made traditions.

      Lev. 18:30 – Keep my requirements and do not follow any of the detestable customs(traditions) there were practiced before you came and do not defile yourselves with them. I am the LORD your God.

      Mark 7:7-8 – And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men…

      Do what you got to do buddy. 🙂

    • Sam, it doesn’t matter what it means to YOU, it matters what it means to YHWH. That is why He says in Deut. 12: 30-32 which says do not do as the pagans do and CALL IT UNTO ME. (emphasis mine). You do that when you say, “it doesn’t mean that to me and I consider it honoring God now.”

  • I know from my intense, 25 year study of the Bible that the first century congregation was guided by YeHoshua’s God YeHoVaH to understand that Christians are no longer under the letter of the Mosaic law but under the obligation to follow Christ’s example. All of the OT Jewish practices of animal sacrifice, circumcision and festivals were not put upon the Gentiles who quickly became the majority in the congregation during the first century. I do agree with you about how YeHoVaH expects His people to keep clean from the Pagan rituals and festivals like the ones which make Xmas and Easter filthy to God. But to insist on keeping the letter of the law with its festivals is not the way the first century Christian congregation worshipped the God that YeHoshua Messiah worships. The NT shows that you are in error for insisting that the observance of those festivals is necessary. The only necessary observance of a Christian is the sacrifice of the Messiah which he made on Passover (not “good friday”) for a very specific reason.

    • LP, you are showing your ignorance by calling them “Jewish OT practices”. Do me a favor and watch the video over on the right hand side of the page called “Identity Crisis”. Then let me know and we can converse.

      • ok, I have done as you asked. I watched the video and I’m shocked at what I’ve heard. You seem to love to throw perjoratives around like “cult” when you speak of others. Do you not even know the fact that Jesus and the first century Christian congregation was labelled a “cult” by those who were intent on stifling the truth? The scariest thing about your (should I lower myself and use your beloved word “cult”?) video/organization is that by insisting on keeping all the commands of the old covenant (which the Bible clearly states were merely a tutor to the Christ) you are basically telling people that the Messiah was not good enough. Obeying the Mosaic law code was a CONDEMNATION because no man could perfectly adhere to it. Only Christ was able to fulfill the law code and it is only by YeHoVaH’s sacrificing His only-begotten son that we have redemption. Christians must, under the new covenant (did you know that there is a new covenant?) must follow that example that Christ left for us; which, among other things, is to preach the coming Kingdom of YeHoVaH as the only Kingdom, the only answer to mankind’s problems. YeHoshua went from village to village and his loyal followers went from house to house preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God. They did not insist on opressing the Gentiles with the old covenant laws of circumcision and things that were a tutor to the Christ. I am so very happy to see that you recognize that Christians must stay clean from the idolatry of the “holidays” of the world, but to insist that Christians must adhere to the law code which was a tutor leading to the Christ is tantamount to saying that YeHoshua is not enough.

        • Of course what Jesus/Yehoshua did was enough. I’m not saying that at all…nor was the video. Saved by Grace through faith right? Of course. I don’t keep the law for Salvation. I keep the law because of my salvation. How do we love him? Keep his commandments? 1 John 2:6
          His commandments are the Torah.

          All of the references you make to Paul and about circumcision are referring to those WHO WOULD KEEP THE LAW in order to be saved. The Law cannot save. But we are to keep the law because that is how God tells us to Love Him. Again 1 John 2:6

          Its never been about circumcision of the flesh…its always been about circumcision of the heart…even in the Torah.

          Now go read Matthew 5:17-19. 🙂 Tell me what you think.

          • Which translation do you personally prefer to read?

    • If He did away with the “letter of the Law” as you say, and it is no longer valid, then no one needs to accept His death as their sin sacrifice, right, since it has been done away with there is no law to break anymore. It is the punishment for breaking that was taken upon Yeshua. By your explination we don’t have to follow the law anymore because Yeshua has “done” it for us. We don’t have to worry about commiting adultery, lying, stealing, worshiping other gods etc. because Yeshua followed them for us???? He did not break ANY of the Torah and is our spotless Lamb sacrifice for sin. That does not give us liberty to sin. So what now is considered sin? Where do you find out what is sin? The Torah still tells us what sin is. It is missing the mark of Torah. What happens when you lie, feel anger toward someone (which Yeshua says is equal to having murdered), lust after a woman (committing adultery)? Are you saying that because Yeshua has “fulfilled the Law” for you that it is now not considered sin? Even though Yeshua said it is?

      After reading (from beginning to end every year) and studying the Word daily for over 15 years, it didn’t take long before I began to see the Truth and that what was being preached from the pulpits was not. Yes the gospel was there but the Word/Torah was being nullified as Yeshua says in Matt. 4:19. I saw that lawlessness is sin. You can also, it is there for anyone to see. Why do so many see the Sabbath, and YHWH appointed times to meet with us as a buden? Why would you NOT want to celebrate what YHWH Himself has given us to learn about Him and His redemption, to exchange it for pagan ways or ones of our own selfish desires? Is what He asks of us so burdensome? Then take a big black marker and blot out all of Psalm 119. That whole Psalm tells us in every verse how beautiful, good and perfect His Word/Torah is? Did YHWH make a mistake when He gave the Torah? He cannot make a mistake and He does not change His mind. You can look up the references to those yourself. Most cannot conceive of giving up what has become a wonderful tradition to them and go agains the world. It pains their flesh. This also happened in the Word – John 6:53-65 – Yeshua’s teachings were hard for those of His time (and now) and many turned away because they did not like what He taught/teaches. What means more, your desires or His?

    • LP, you said, “The NT shows that you are in error for insisting that the observance of those festivals is necessary.” Give me some IN CONTEXT examples of this.

  • Zac, Good answer but you omitted Johhny’s last paragraph and question…

    My questions is this, why don’t Jews still sacrifice animals for atonement of sins? From a Christian standpoint, Jesus’s shed blood was to be poured once and for all time to redeem mankind from sin and death thus dissolving the need to continually sacrifice animals. If Jews don’t beleive in this, how do you make atonement for sins?

    • You notice in the NT you have thousands of Jews coming to know Messiah. Why isn’t that happening today? Instead they are mostly rejecting Jesus/Yeshua. He fails the Deut. 13 test. You are not teaching Messiah the same way Paul did. Paul could prove 100% that Jesus was Messiah by using only the Torah alone. It says so.

      Now you ask was Jesus’s shed blood enough? He fulfilled the Spring Feast. He died on Passover, buried on Unleavened Bread, and raised on First Fruits. These three feasts are detailed in Lev. 23.

      Go to the top of the page and watch “Identity Crisis” on the right hand side. That video explains it very clearly.

  • Awesome article…..

  • Very good article. Truth hurts doesn’t it? I have been accused of being “blunt” with my approach to showing people lies also. Time is so short for those who still need to Come out of Her. People see or they don’t see, they hear truth and study to show themselves approved or stay in the matrix Satan has set up for them.
    Matthew 15:3
    He answered and said to them, “Why do you also transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition?

    Matthew 15:6
    then he need not honor his father or mother.’ Thus you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition.

    If they would just look at those commandments for those Feasts that are Feasts of HIS not the Jews, which is a modern day term anyways, not scriptural, they might see that it is the SIGN or SEAL that we are HIS. It is the first use of buying and selling, related to Sabbaths. Satan only can steal and destroy, that mark of the beast is not even original it is counterfeit of what YHVH’s mark is. Frontlets ( head) and hand, it is in Torah, not original to the NT at all. Why don’t they see, his appointed times are non negotiable? It is beyond me. Keep up the great work.

    Matthew 5:19
    Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

    They are constantly fulfilling this prophecy with their idea they don’t have to keep the Feasts. They think they will reign and rule, yet he says “depart from me you workers of lawlessness”. WOW.

    • Awesome LJ. Keep teaching it. There are people still who are seeing and hearing.

  • I agree with you. I am so happy that I am not alone in what I believe. So many family and friends think I’m crazy, but I know that God has opened my eyes to the truth. I have grown in the past year watching Michale Rood, I have come out of Babylon!

  • There is no evidence of any connection between the New Year and Christmas trees of northern Europe and any religious practice in Babylon. Yes, trees had religious roles in the near east. No, that doesn’t mean there is a connection. Trees, including firs and many others, play major roles in almost all customary religions, and it is just an insignificant happenstance fact that there is written evidence from Mesopotamia before there is written evidence from northern Europe. If you want to successfully demonstrate your claim, you’ll have to find Roman and early medieval Christian evidence that points to continuity. Most folklorists who have anything to say about the topic see Christmas trees as a northern European innovation.

    • research Saturnalia (the origin of Christmas) and Constantine and the council of Nicaea (the origin of modern Christianity). It helps to understand that Constantine was (until the day he died) a Jew hating pagan. It is also important to understand that the old gods of Babylon are the same gods that Old European druids worshiped. The fir tree was used in druidic rituals. The yule log and the oldest of European Christmas rituals; the boar’s head feast are pagan celebrations that were papered over with a flimsy “now it’s about Jesus” excuse. The fact is, NOTHING about Christmas EVER pertained to Jesus until the Catholic church lied to the everyone (even themselves) and changed it’s name.. The LORD doesn’t want us to repurpose pagan celebrations as holy days. He wants us to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. The truth is, Christmas is pagan

  • This explains why the Jewish people do not sacrifice, they can not because it HAS to be in the temple on the place where HIS name was. They no longer have the temple. So here is a link that explains it from their perspective: http://www.beingjewish.com/unchanged/sacrifices.html

  • BAM!
    Hit it on the head again, Brother.
    You bring it in a unique and effective way.

  • I will double Bam that notion with brother Pastor Joe Fox!!
    Like it was mention from the beginning of this article that many will try to refute this evidence with their flesh to justify their desire(s), Correct! So many will fall under the Matthew 7:22-23 category, Right! So did not Yahweh (God) in chapter 2 of Genesis say not to eat of the tree of good & evil and IF they did they would surely DIE! So when the Serpent (AKA Ha-Satan) in chapter 3 said Hath God really said …. You surely will not die! So my point is this we need to know the enemy who is OUT TO DESTROY US and take away our inheritance (regathered with the house of Jacob/Israel and the southern kingdom). I myself was former military (USMC- parachute rigger and para-trooper) and we were taught to know the enemy and his tactics, so all of the Scriptures (old and new) is a believer’s field manual (basically) to the way to survive this evil world and to know our enemy.

    So my suggestion to all you believers in Christ is If you truly love Him AND His Father you will WANT TO Keep His commandments/Torah! Not to be saved but because You have been redeemed or saved, Correct! So tighten up Christians and come to Torah and your Hebrew Roots, it is you for your benefit and blessing not a curse. Otherwise drop and give me (Yahweh/God) 20, believer!

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a cult. You can’t call nearly 8 million people world wide who all have the same belief a cult! They teach the truth. Unlike the Jewish nation, you killed Jehovah’s son! He’s not very happy about that. He said your house is abandoned to you. Mathew 23:37,38 Jerusalem,Jerusalem the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her! You left Jehovah. In fact, I believe that the Jewish nation is still waiting for the messiah! The Jewish nation and Christendom are truly the harlet that rides the beast
    In the book of Revelation!

    • LOL! Yeah because the narrow path that few will find is only talking about 8 million JW’s. All of Christianity is the creation of the Mother of Harlots, the catholic church. JW’s included.

  • Not everybody is gonna make it ! The wheat has to be separated from the weeds! You know that!

    • JW’s just like the rest of Christianity pick and choose what parts of the Bible to follow. Feast days, they don’t keep them. Our Messiah did. Food laws, don’t keep them. Our Messiah did. Kudos on kicking Christmas and Easter but they are still following a lot of traditions and doctrines of men.

  • Christ is greater than the law. The Jewish nation keeps doing those traditions because they believe he hasn’t come yet. If you believe that Jesus hasn’t come yet, then you still live by the law covenant!

  • New2Torah

    Thank you for your article. Let your haters be your motivators.

    Keep on digging for truth until the day you die. There is still much more lies to be uncovered.. it sucks, but hey, i am starting to like it now. Like solving a puzzle… with the scriptures leading the way.. the forbidden scriptures, supported by Torah as well.

    Yeah, it gets even more deep. We are trying to keep the true calendar now.. still trying to figure out the details, but we are now moving towards the Enoch Calendar, also found in Jubilees and Dead Sea scrolls .. trying anyway.

    Hallelu Yah!!

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