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What is the Gospel?

May 23, 2012 by     20 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Awesome Video from 119 Ministries. Have you ever had questions about the Mystery Paul is talking about? Have you ever wanted to know what all this talk is about Two Houses? This video series is a great place to start.


Have you really heard the WHOLE gospel? What is the Gospel? There are many responses you will get if you randomly ask this question. The popular Christian definition of the gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Then, there is the gospel of the kingdom which John the Baptist and Christ himself preached. Also the book of Revelation refers to the end-time preaching of the eternal gospel. What are these gospels, and what are the similarities and differences between them? And Paul speaks of the mystery of the gospel…which the majority today still do not understand…These and other questions will be answered in this study.

Part 1

Part 2

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  • I am confused about something and hope you can help. I get the whole idea of how Yeshua restored the gentile Israelites. I get the whole northern kingdom / southern kingdom idea. But I am confused about Romans 11:25. If Yeshua came to save the Israelities, why does this verse say what it says? I am confused. Thanks.

    • I would understand that ‘Israel’ in that context refers to both houses, but most specifically to the House of Judah. Rav Shaul connects ‘Israel’ in v. 26 with Jacob (all Israel), but it seems clear in 28 & 29 that Judah (the Jews) are in view as those enemies of the Gospel that Rav Shaul was preaching.

      Therefore, in context, we see a partial hardening of Judah which leads to two things… A broader reach of the Gospel to cultures and places where some of the ten tribes had already gone (i.e., Northern Europe, deep parts of Africa, East Asia, etc) that were not readily accessible for a short return, and the extended timeframe allows for the 2730 year exile of the House of Israel to be fulfilled. (Ez. 4:4 in light of Lev. 26:18)

      That is what makes sense to me.


    • Read “Restoring Israel’s Kingdom” by Angus Wooten. Every believer should read this bokk! There are many prophecies in Scripture about the hardening of Israel, scattering of Israel amongst the nations, the removing of the veil of blindness in the latter days, where Ephraim will awaken and realize who they are, and the stick of Judah (Southern Kingdom) and Ephraim (Northern Kingdom) will be twisted into one stick – reunited. Angus Wooten’s wife Batya also has written excellent books. Also – get “The Scriptures” from the Institutes for Scripture Research (ISR) so you don’t have to deal with the horrible “dynamic equivalents” and mistranslations of the New Age Bibles (IE: NIV, ESV, KJV, NASB and so on.) Remember, Nicene Council = Pro-Constantine .. Yahuah declares that we should “come out of her my people”. Hope that helps.

    • When I read Exod. 12:21-24 and Exod. 12:37-39 I came away with following thoughts:

      What I find interesting is that God is differentiating. He distinguishes between his people and the Egyptians. However, this does not happen just like that – not even just because of the family relationship, but because of the reaction that people have to the message of God, whether they ” rely and act accordingly,” what God says. There also seem to be a lot of other people ( mixed people ) in Egypt to have followed this call to paint their doorposts with the Pessach Lamb, which also were spared, I assume ( in my opinion , as they would otherwise have remained in Egypt and their loved ones were buried and had mourned that they had indeed packed nothing … ).

      A few verses later is discussed who should celebrate this festival to be celebrated in all eternity because .
      The whole community of Israel shall celebrate this festival. When strangers who are with you, and wish to celebrate Adonai’s Passover, must be “circumcised” – all men. Then he can take part in it and celebrate it, and he will then be like a citizen of Israel. (Exod. 12:47-48)

      then I got thinking, am I allowed to celebrate it?…

      I think similar to the above description the crucial question is:
      Do we trust God’s instructions and act accordingly? Are we painting our heart doorposts with the blood of Yeshua and are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who writes to us the commandments of the heart – we act according to the commandments – Is our heart circumcised? If we are followers of Jesus and the Holy Spirit makes the Commandments important to us, we can than figure that we are choosing and chosen Israelites.

      Paul writes in Romans 2:25-27 :
      Circumcision is valuable in that unless you are doing what the Torah says. But if you don’t do it your circumcision will be ” uncircumcision ” (- of the heart. Deut 10:16 this has always been the basic principle ) Therefore, when a man holds the instructions of the Torah, then is it not rather that his “uncircumcision” is circumcision?

      And in Corinthians 7:19 a, he stressed again that it is important to keep God’s commandments.

      In Luke . 22:11 (see also interesting Joh 11:49 ff and Jeremiah 16:15) Jesus indicates that the festival is yet to receive its full meaning – and is even now not completely fulfilled … one more reason to celebrate it until then, and to remember …

      So I understand Romans 11:26 as to mean:

      …because of the wording “until the full number of the Gentiles has come in” and in that way all Israel will be saved, that it means in joining (whoever is willing to submit and follow God and to trust his atonement for counting/adding to one’s righteousness) God’s assembly Israel – Israel then is being completed. ( whether one regardes it as grafted in Israelis by choice or returned and “repented of the assimilated 10 tribes” of their own paths = sin unto God – through Yeshua … is imo secondary. ) What is certain though is, it will be a united mixed people, as in the Exodus and God’s Israel will be.

      I think the Exodus story showes it best, critical to the fact that God barred the way to the door by his ” pessach- pass-over” to the destroyer was the decision of each one, whether ” Israeli ” or ” mixed race ” if he got the message of God and followed it by painting the door with the blood of Passover lamb and followed the prompts of God via Moses to pack and celebrate passover and bake Matzah to be ready… likewise if we paint our heart with Yeshua’s blood and circumcise our hearts by the Holy Spirit..

      • I have been considering this topic also. In Joshua 5:1-10 when Israel enters the land. All that had been born in the wilderness had to be circumcised. That means while they were in the wilderness they had been keeping passover as uncircumcised men. Num 9:5 .. If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it

    • Theresa, the meaning of Rom. 11:25, “the fullness of the Gentiles coming in” is explained by Gen. 48:19, where Israel pronounces Ephraim the”fullness of the Gentiles.” Ephraim as firstborn blessing recipient (shared with Judah) was chief of the northern ten tribes. So when Ephraim returns, finally, at the return of Messiah, all Israel should be saved.

  • Hi. I wanted to download “Age Chart Download -10mb”, but received an error every time.

    • You need to have Adobe Acrobat installed to view the download. This is available free online.

  • I have always struggled with the traditional understanding of the “Two Houses.” That is, Judah is the Jews and Israel (Ephraim) are non-Jewish believers.

    Why is it that the House of Judah is seen as those that are biologically Israelite, yet Ephraimites are only “Spiritually” Israelites?

    To clarify, why is one group determined by blood and the other determined by…not blood?

  • To my christian brothers, the Jewish people if they follow Torah not that we our perfect when you fail you ask true repentance and move on’ no where in the Hebrew big me does G-d say you must believe in the moshiach for you to be in the world to come but for 2000 years this battle with Jewish people being lost if you say I don’t want G-d and walk your path you need help but if Torah is your life and you do your best and you when you fail you ask Hashem and he will restore you this could be so much better thinking you have the answer go to Torah it will tell you.

    • The reason the New Testament says that there is no other name by which men can be saved is because Y’hoshua literally means “salvation.”

      The Messiah’s sacrifice (toward which all the animal sacrifices point) is the way by which we access atonement for our sins.

      While ‘Christians’ may have through the ages looked down on Jews for not accepting Moshiach, so we followers of the Messiah are in great need of repentance for choosing not to look deeper and understand/apply biblical Torah. Yeshua actually IS the Word made flesh – so that includes the Torah. When we reject it in favour of our own version of love, we reject a part of His nature. But I believe this was all so that the fulness of time would be reached and fulfill prophecy, but now the time appears nearing to fulness. Hooray! We are all coming back.

  • So are you saying believers are to follow the law as in the Ten commandments or the law as in Ten commandments plus all the laws following that are in the Torah?

    • Salvation comes through faith, regeneration and restoration through following God’s commands, his Torah, all of it as every mitzvot (commandment) endures forever Psalm 119:160. The purpose of the law is love and it is highly prophetic (both of the Messiah’s first coming and his 2nd coming).

      Many commands cant be upheld outside of Israel being restored, such as laws of enacting justice (we can’t stone adulterers without a biblically established sanhedrin court of law etc). You notice Jesus upheld this law, a matter must be established by two or more witnesses. They were trying to trap him.

      Read Jesus words in Matt 5 and Peter’s warning in 2 Peter 3. You could watch The Pauline Paradox by 119 ministries too which explains Paul better.

  • You make it sound like we don’t know the real Gospel. I warn you that if any man comes preaching another Gospel let him be accursed. The Bible states that the Gospel is simple, so much so that a child could understand it. All this mystery nonsense sounds Gnostic in origin. Tread lightly.

    • Did you not see the second video? He explained the mystery completely and to the point. There is no more mystery, it was revealed to us through the coming of Yeshua our Messiah. Good teaching!

    • Do you read your Bible? Does it not say the House of Israel will be restored?

      The video only collects all verses explaining how is that so and what Yeshua the Annointed King repeated about that.

  • Great thoughts here. Torah means ‘teaching/instruction/fatherly advice’ it does not mean ‘Law’. Yahowsha literally means “Yah Saves”, not just ‘salvation’. Who is saving us? Yah is. The Torah is to be ‘observed’ in order to come to know God, then understand God, then respond to God appropriately. Psalm 119 is the best discussion of how to ‘observe Torah’.

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  • I been trying to find out a HR perspective of Yeshua died of the tree and said “It is finished”. According to the church they say like everybody else that the law was done away with. Does anybody know if there is a video on the subject or someone have an answer for me.


  • Do you accept or reject the Trinity? You say Jesus is the WORD become Flesh. You also say that God is the WORD so is JESUS GOD or just the son of GOD? Is the Holy Spirit GOD or just a force of GOD acting? Just YES or NO answers please.

    • Good site and videos to think outside the catholic Christian messianic box

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