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Why do Churches ignore Modesty?

May 29, 2012 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

One of my MANY excuses I give to people who ask why I left the Christian church is Modesty Every Sunday, there were women who dressed like they were either going to the beach or to a Saturday night dance club. What is up with that?

Even today, I have a whole new perspective on modesty that I didn’t have back then. Bottom line, women who came to the Baptist church with low cut cleavage lines, tight clothes, and high heels with skirts that fail to cover most of their bottom half are a distraction to men around them. It’s not Biblical and does not promote an environment of righteousness.

This is a great video given by a man to a church group on the subject of modesty.

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Should Christian women wear bikinis?

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  • Amen! I was so naive before to believe that bathing suits and shorts were modest! Now that my eyes have been opened, I can no longer claim ignorance.

  • I have always been shocked at the things that ‘Christian’ would justify as being ok to wear because they wanted to fit in or be accepted.

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