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Off~Grid Aquaponics

Apr 18, 2013 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

A few months back I made the comment that we at the homestead were going to build an off-grid aquaponics system. Well Travis Hughey from http://www.fastonline.org saw that and asked to help us. He traveled very far to come help us set this up and do it right.

Please visit his website at http://www.fastonline.org and consider a PayPal donation to his ministry.

Enjoy the video!


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  • Gotta love this awesome custom Off-Grid Barrelponic system! Good for you Guys….Enjoy!!!

  • Keep it up. As an atheist You wouldn’t get my attention let alone hold it, but by providing content that can feed people and do good I’m interested.

    I’ve admired the kibbutz movement and been exploring systems of communal living that work. Keep producing videos with science based content or about the challenges of communal living and we’ll watch.

    Your approach is great. Bark less wag more.

    Thank you

    Be blessed

  • What else are you guys building on the mountain? And why?
    I like your site and your aquaponics set up, and the f.a.s.t. guy looks cool also. I’m just asking dumb questions in an attempt to find out if your nuts 🙂


    • nuts? We are building gardens and houses. Am I nuts? LOL

  • I am just learning about aquaponics and I am curious how much it cost you to make this set up. It looks really cool! By the way, I know you guys aren’t nuts. LOL 🙂 Thanks, always encouraged by your videos and thank you for your site 🙂

    • To make the entire set up with 40 barrels of grow space, we are looking at about $8000 and that includes the solar setup. Some of the materials were either freebies or scrap that we made do with. Always look for cheap alternatives when building a setup like this. We could have significantly reduced the cost of the system if we wanted to take the additional time of finding more scrap materials. However we wanted to get this up and running this summer so that we could fine tune over this year and be ready to really produce next summer. This set up will probably rank up there with some of the largest non-commercial aquaponics systems in the country.

      I will be uploading more videos in the future about our setup and how it performs.

      • Thanks for the great videos! I’m curious if you have any sort of plans for the larger 40 bed setup you built. Or just the plans for one of the 10 bed setups knowing to simply multiply it accordingly. Thank you kindly!

        God Bless,

  • I love this we have deer and tons of other critters that would love to eat our garden so this is a great frost and deer resistan garden! Keep posting this info. can help so many families THANKS

  • This is so awesome! I would of never thought to do gardening this way. We live in ‘harsh’ land now we can bypass that clay & rock and do this!! Thanks for sharing your journey and your faithfulness to let us ‘lurk’!!!

  • Hi, a friend gave me your website. I’m wondering where is this mountain? I know people who want to live this way, good honest hard working people and some with older kids. I like the fact that you are doing what you are doing and building etc. Pls. e-mail me with the status and location, thank you very much, blessings…

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