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Defending Messiah

May 13, 2013 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

I hear over and over again these excuses from people who after discovering Torah go back on even thinking about Yeshua being Messiah. This has to do with those who step out of one set of traditions and doctrines of Christianity to dive into a whole other set of traditions of Judaism.

During their search of truth, they begin to seek and stumble on those in Judaism that seem to have valid arguments of why Yeshua CAN NOT be the Messiah. Have you encountered these people?

I certainly have. I have gone through MANY of their arguments and I have NOT FOUND one yet that I cannot disprove with proper study and biblical facts.

One of these common arguments is the line of Jeconiah. Here is a very well put together video that blows this argument out of the water.

There is one TRUE Messiah. His name is Yeshua. He is coming back.


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  • People seem to tend to want to read “into” the Bible instead of “take out of”. What I mean is they go in “looking” for a passage that would disarm or prove a point and often miss the whole context. This happens a lot in scholarship today when people will quote a secondary source in one part of their paper to disarm or disprove the person’s conclusion or to prove their own thoughts when in fact it was derrived from a quote of a second source. An easy for example:

    Just pray Jesus into your heart concept with John 3:16 as their premise of salvation and to hold this as being an accountable means of “action” to bring about salvation. As I tend not to argue from a “point-of-salvation” perspective, but I see everything from hearing all the way to changing your life by example and living accordingly (by God’s Law as you may see it). But part of the whole of salvation for individuals does encompass baptism. The whole surrounding and following sequence is in address to baptism that was even happening before Christ’s death. Just read the whole chapter of John 3 with a newness of mind and decide for yourself how to be reborn as a saved individual.

    If a person goes “into” reading the chapter looking for proof of just praying in Jesus, they would only pull out 3:16 right? But if a person reads the passage of scripture within it’s timeline and context and asks themselves what is important here and what is being taught, there is a better/true “hearing” of God’s word.

    Other examples are giving of Jesus dealing with this precise thing as teachers of the Law tried to “catch” Jesus with a question from scripture and current laws of the land. It’s amazing that Jesus usually always answers in such a way as to your “hearing” becomes the answer. Often 3 possible conclusions can be made as Jesus addresses them and they cannot take him as they don’t want to admit themselves that they believe a certain way as it would condemn themselves. I’m rambling now… I better stop without scriptures….

  • Great find, I really enjoyed that video.

  • LOVED this video and explanation. Total bonus on the Princess Bride humor!!! Thanks.

  • Why go back to the OT to find Jesus cant be the messiah?
    I see this video casually skips over the genealogy in matthew but doesnt notice this also rules out jesus as messiah. There is not 14 generations from captivity in Babylon until the Christ.
    It goes like this: Abraham-David 14 generations.
    Solomon-Jeconiah 14 generations.
    Shealtiel-Jesus 13 generations OOPS!!

    I guess the NT you use, either has errors or its correct, which is it?

    • Actually, that is based on the translation that Yosef was the “husband” of Miryam. However, both the Greek and Aramaic versions of Matthew state that Yosef was the “man” or “guardian” of Miryam. Simply put, her father was named Yosef and so was her husband. Counting THIS Yosef as her father adds one more generation to the lineage of Yeshua, completing the 14 generations.

  • Great video! I believe that the traditional interpretations of the lineages in Matthew and Luke’s gospels, as held by most scholars, is reversed. Matthew records the lineage of Messiah through Miryam and Luke records Messiah’s lineage through Yosef, the legal adoptive father. When Matthew states that Yosef was the “man” or “guardian” of Miryam, it’s quite possible that her father had already died and that a brother or uncle was her “guardian” called Yosef, who happened to have the same name as her husband. The words, “as was supposed” in Luke 3:23 are translated from the Greek “enomizeto”, according to the law, i.e., the legal adopted son of Yosef, whose father was Heli.

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