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The Mandela Effect

May 27, 2016 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

The Mandela Effect is only proof that Americans are generally unintelligent with the attention span of a gnat, continually distracted by the glitz and glamour or Egypt.

More than anything, we need to pray for discernment among God’s people. And stop chasing after the distractions the Enemy is making up for us to follow. They don’t matter.
Proverbs 15:21 “Folly is joy to him who lacks sense, But a man of understanding walks straight.”

Am I being harsh in defending the validity of scripture? Many of the distractions we are seeing today are meant to get people to question the validity of the Word. Because if in fact the scriptural text can be changed by the elite of the world, then the Word of God can be chalked up as worthless…and every man can decide what is right in their own eyes. So my OPINION on this is FAIL. Hey, you asked…there ya go.


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  • LOL! Go on with yourself Zac! Love it! Love the Proverb you pulled up, and you are right on! If it goes against God’s word, why are we even entertaining it??? “Less time on Facebook, more time in HIS book.” God bless you brother! You are a blessing to me and my husband as we learn more about Torah, thank you.

  • I have noticed the effects happening To the bible. But none in old testament? Let me know of any if you have examples.

    he jfk footage was smoking gun proof to me. All.museums movies, reenactments thru out the decades use a 4 seater car.
    I would have dismissed the stein bears thing. But in my timeline it was a 4 seater car. Not 3 and only 4 people. Jackie only female. Black and white.
    The Volvo logo is diffeeent also, with n history of it not ever having the arrow at the top.right. I’ve heard these quantum effects have been happening since the 50s.
    It’s a little ironic that cern posted on social media on Oct 21 2015 the back to the future 2 screening this is also the date mcfly lands in the future. What does cern have invested on this movie to promote it. Cern is a Hadron collider so why are they promoting a movie from the 80s.

    There’s a new ritual at cern which is very pagan like, where they are dancing around with a clock behind them spinning in multi directions. Symbolism. ..

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