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The Wicked In The Bible

May 15, 2016 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Uncategorized

Wicked in the Bible is often referring to being without law. Lawlessness. The Torah IS Truth and brings light, life, freedom and salvation. THAT IS WHY the Father sent HIS Torah to become FLESH and walk among men.

What will happen in the last days? The Wicked(lawless) will be Revealed, Consumed, and Destroyed.


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  • Thank you Zach for all the studies and videos. I am newer to Torah than you are, just 2 years removed from a sunday morning pew. Men and women of YHVH making these studies available is all the proof that I need to know that Abba Father loves me and wants me to find my way home. I fear and pray for my family though. I recently remarried after becoming a widower in December of 2015. I pray that my late wife of blessed memory did not die in her sins. My new wife has become a believer and my 8 year old son is trying to wrap his head around all that I am doing. Your videos and studies have given us resources that we can use to obtain more knowledge of Torah. May YEHOVAH bless you and your family. I pray that Abba willing, our spirits will meet in the New Jerusalem. Thanks again.


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