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The Shrinking Middle 2 Parts

Jun 25, 2016 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Uncategorized

2 Part Video: All of the Jewish sects are shrinking and falling away. With the exception of the orthodox which is experiencing high birthing rates, growing communities and new converts. Why could all this be happening?

Compare this to what is happening to Christianity and the Hebrew Roots!


In my last video called the shrinking Jewish middle, I noted that it is being documented that a large majority of Jews are leaving the faith in all their major sects with the exception of orthodox. Pew research studies and other studies show that Christians are leaving the church in high rates. Instead of trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding, lets figure out why the bleeding started in the first place. WRONG GOSPEL!

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  • Dear Brother Zac, do you think that the folloing approach of presenting truth might reach some christians. If so maybe the hebrew roots movement could try some aspect of this thinking. It is:
    1) we know we are saved by faith thru grace.
    2) we know we should strive to keep all of Gods commantments, laws, precepts, instructions, from Gen. Thru Rev.
    Both are true of course but So many new to this concept think its one or the other. We know its both, but they are resisting it.
    But if these people are presented with the scripture that shows that some believers will be in the kingdom, but they will be least in the kingdom. As in the case of teaching wrong doctrine. If you Ask them, do you want to just make it and be LEAST? If there are some that are least, we will not all be equal. Some will have more reward and i dought that means worldly type riches. I believe our reward is being able to serve or Creator in some awsome way. I think of it as, the disobediant now will be held in detention class to keep learning Gods way while the obediant in this life will be allowed to go do Gods Service in this Kingdom right off. Who knows. Or What if this least status lasts for eternity??? Scary. I dont even want to think of being least in The Kingdom forever :(((((. Who would want that nor chose that path.
    Asking people to think of it in this manner may make them think more deeply about their choice to be disobediant. Reminding them, this world is NOT our home. Just a thought. Shalom to you and your lovely family. I appreciate all your teachings and comments and know God is blessing your works.
    PS my husband and I are looking for a sakkot. I know yours is not an option but if you hear of any taking place by others that follow the thinking of 119ministries, yourself, Paul Nison, and the like, in or around Texas i would appreciate it if you could pass it on to us. Again Shalom.

    Sharon Williams

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