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7 Scriptural Proofs For Two House

Jul 31, 2016 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Two House “theory” or “theology” is not “theory” or “theology” at all. It is biblical and scriptural fact. It’s a process of restoration that began back between Joseph and Judah, was prophesied by Jacob and Moses, and first seen by the sons of Solomon. Our Messiah himself spoke of this and used a parable to describe it’s eventual completion in the last days. Enjoy the video!


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  • Hello,

    Good video.

    Yes there were two houses……but i think the problem begins to surface when people try to wrongly associate the “gentiles” with the house of israel. This is further evident when they say that they say current Israel is not the correct israel…go figure.

    The two houses were gathered back together when Israel was restored back in 1948,
    Where we are told, “I will gather your “FROM” all the nations i have scattered you to”…. this restoration is in stages as we have been witness to.

    Cool stuff eh ?


  • Thank you! Seems so simple, so clear I am always bewildered by the lack of understanding.
    Anyways keep sharing always a good read here!

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