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Is Yeshua God? 2 Parts

Jul 13, 2016 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

There are some that will tell you that Yeshua is just a man and not deity. Try telling a prince that he’s just a man and not royalty and I’ll come and pay my respects at the gallows.

I had a lot of great comments since my first video on this topic so I wanted to address those and again these people who will tell you that Yeshua and the New Testament is all made up and not real.

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  • Thanks for giving a “realistic” summation of the difficulties in understanding the Deity of Yahshua, my wife laughs so hard listening to you because she thinks we sound alike!

  • Amen, thanks for choking me up with the thought of seeing my King in the flesh.

  • You are being non specific. The first video makes it sound like you believe the binitarian heresy. To believe that doctrine you must not believe that Jesus was created from the substance of the Father in some point in time, but that Father and Son have always existed as the one true God. This rubbish about “Trinity” is not in the bible is a side track away from truth. The word bible is not in the bible, or theology. The word monotheism is not in the bible. They are man made theological terms to shorten debate and be specific in a precise form. “Of the same flesh” is off piste. God the Father is not fleshly. Either you are believing in the Trinity, Binitarianism, Sabellianism, Unitarianism or something new. If something new then be precise. You seem to think it doesn’t affect salvation no matter what you believe. Maybe you are just trying to get along with some of your new associates in the Hebrew Roots Cult by being deliberately ambiguous.

  • It is the evil one trying to bring down this movement, those turning back to the true word of God/yehovah. But the gates of hell shall not prevail. Keep teching what you teach Zach (and all the other true believers) its the truth and evil will try any way it can to bring it to a stop.

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