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Montel Williams and Galatians

Jul 25, 2016 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Talk show host and activist Montel Williams Twist Galatians 3 to Support the LGBT agenda during a speech at the RNC convention this past week. It was during their “big tent” event which is code for including liberal and progressive ideology into the party ideals.

Charisma covered the event as Montel does his best to do what most of Christianity does and pick and choose which parts of scripture are relevant to their lives. As in the other cases, all this accomplishes is to make a god in their OWN IMAGE.

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  • Great words brother, Joel Osteen declared on Oprah that homosexuality was not a sin. So, in that case, we don’t need to keep that commandment anymore.

  • Thank you for doing( seeking) Yahwe’s truth & sharing it with us ,as we also seek His truth of DOING HIS THINGS HIS WAY,NOT HIS THINGS MANS WAY.

  • Can anyone answer this? First of all, I am totally against this transgender stuff completely. It angers me so much that I can’t read about it or watch videos about it. I’m just not sure that if a parent starts their child on hormone shots at a young age because the child expresses their desire to be a different sex, does the child go to Hell? Is the child punished and if they go through with a sex change later in life, can they even get into Heaven? I’m not sure what to think about this.

    • Think of it like this. The bible and torah speaks of generational curses. This is because the actions of the parents effect the children they raise up. All it takes is for a generation to repent and to teach their children differently. Anyone can make a change at any point in their life.

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