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Seventh Day Adventist and False Prophets

Jul 30, 2016 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Anytime someone comes to you and tries to sell you on their particular beliefs in God, the easy way God provided His people to TEST/PROVE it is by holding it up to what He told Moses. Are they keeping God’s commandments? Are they adding or taking away from His judgments and statutes? It becomes an easy pass or fail situation.


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  • Excellent series on the so-called Trinity, the Deut 13 test and false prophets. It sounds like you did a lot of study on the 7th Day Adventist prophetess, but this video comes across as rambling, especially at the end. Could you do a re-make? I know you emphasize that your videos are “opinion” but please give more details regarding SDA teaching errors. Personally, i am fascinated by the Millerite links that probably led the way for the SDA/White debacle.

  • Another great vid.
    Its interesting to note that the SDA Mormons and JHWs all erupted close to each other time wise……

  • Only the Cubs could win the World Series.

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