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Why Trump Can’t Save America

Jul 28, 2016 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Uncategorized

Trump is not part of the DC establishment and that is why they hate him so much. He’s saying the things that real conservatives have been wanting to hear for years. But Donald Trump won’t be able to save this nation. Put your hope for SALVATION in only the coming Messiah. All other men will fail you.


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  • Our President, Donald Trump, who has made so many mad, especially two in the opposite party, will astound many in the world. He has walked in the shoes of the big important people to long to be swayed from his agenda. Look at what happened when he went to the middle east recently. He was not afraid to challenge those people but, he talked in the right way. I believe President Trump will change America for the good! He will show the world how things are done, not how it has been done in the political Washington system. In his second term he will be even more productive. Why? Because he is going to be a humble, praying man and God is going to cover him with the heavenly presence and produce more through him than things done way back in the Ragan party. Watch, and pray for our president, as Scripture calls people to do.

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