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Hebrew Roots Frequently Asked Questions – Short Videos

Mar 17, 2018 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

We have taken the most frequent question we get from those who don’t understand the reasons that some of us have decided to leave the traditions of Christianity and put them in video format.

We will continue to add more videos as we complete them. ENJOY!

1. He Fulfilled The Law

2. Any Day Can Be The Sabbath

3. We Just Need To Believe

4. All Creatures Are Good

5. The Law Is Bondage

6. Christmas and Easter Are For Christians

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  • Dear Brother,

    I have watched some of your videos along with Michael Rood & Rob Skiba over the last 4 yrs or so.

    I believe that you are sincerely seeking The Truth.

    I have been a Born Again & Spirit Filled Christian for a little over 37 yrs now. Sincerely studying the Bible & even attending 4 semesters of Bible College before God took me out of “Organized Christianity.”

    I served in the military for 20 yrs & understand following “orders” or the “laws” of an organization very well.

    My observation is this: I do not see an “Emphasis” on Jesus Christ & “Becoming” like Him & “Doing what He did & greater things to the Glory of the Father.” Jesus Christ & His 72 Disciples healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons & we are suppose to do that & “Greater things.”

    Is being Transfigured into the image & likeness of Jesus Christ & Being & Doing what Jesus did, a priority in your ministry?

    I Know you have some Truth, more than the denomination that you were in, but it appears you have left Christ Jesus & seeking to Walk by the Law & not by the Holy Spirit, Only hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit which will Illuminate the Word of God & His Truth & Transfigure us into the Image & Likeness of Christ Jesus until we are filled up & overflowing with the Fullness of the Lord God Almighty.

    I am just a sincere seeking of The Way, The Truth & The Life & I believe we can only achieve that with our eyes focused on Christ Jesus.

    I know you are probably very busy but would love to dialogue with you if possible.

    May the Lord God richly Bless You & Your Family with His Presence.


    Darryl Williams
    USMC GYSGT ret

    • Sorry, I have a whole series on youtube about Defending the Messiah. go check it out.

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